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Keene New Hampshire and 40 Monadnock Region New Hampshire Towns

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The Monadnock Region of New Hampshire has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. On this site, you will discover resources for every town in the region with links to additional information. There's something to do every season of the year.  Sell your merchandise on the Monadnock Classifieds.  View the photos. Use the resources on the Homework Horizons page. Get the local forecast. Catch up on the news or sports. Check your lottery ticket. Look for a new pet. Find a new recipe. Find a phone number of an area business. Send an electronic greeting card. Check your horoscope. Get a new joke. Check out some movie reviews.

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See what's on TV tonight. Look up school information. Suggestions for new resources are always welcome. Please email


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     Shopping locally gives the economy tools to thrive.  Local business gives back 70% of every dollar.  Keeping money in your local economy supports local jobs, funds more local services through sales tax, and invests in neighborhood improvement and development.  Buy local and get local service after the sale!   And you save gas!     Click the image for a sign you can display in your store to support the Save Gas, Shop Local promotion!

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Alstead - home of the state's first paper mill and also known as Paper Mill Village.  Visit Alstead page.   Alstead Weather  Alstead News  Antrim -  Antrim Center, North Branch, Clinton Village and South Village.  Visit Antrim page.   Antrim Weather    Antrim News
Bennington - located at the Great Falls of the Contoocook River, home of present day Monadnock Paper Mills.  Visit Bennington page  Bennington Weather  Bennington News Chesterfield - rural community, on the Connecticut River with fishing and swimming on Spofford Lake   Visit Chesterfield page  Chesterfield Weather  Chesterfield News
Deering - rural town in Hillsborough County with some beautiful scenery.  Visit the Deering page.  Deering Weather   Deering News Dublin - elevation 1493 feet - home of Yankee Magazine and the Old Farmer's Almanac     Visit Dublin page   Dublin Weather  Dublin News
Fitzwilliam - A beautiful town common,  dozen surrounding homes on the National Register for Historic Places.   Visit Fitzwilliam page  Fitzwilliam Weather  Fitzwilliam News Francestown - noted for high-quality soapstone, at one time on the only route between New York and Vermont.  Visit Francestown page   Francestown Weather Francestown News
Gilsum - home of the annual Rock Swap - nestled in the hills just north of Keene.  Visit the Gilsum page   Gilsum Weather   Gilsum News Greenfield - town in Hillsborough County New Hampshire, home to Crotched Mountain and Greenfield State Park.  Visit Greenfield page   Greenfield Weather   Greenfield News
Greenville - town in Hillsborough County located on the Souhegan River - manufacturing center due to falls  Visit Greenville page   Greenville Weather   Greenville News Hancock - town in Hillsborough County New Hampshire - home to Welch Family Farm Forest.  Visit Hancock page   Hancock Weather  Hancock News
Harrisville - noted for its brick mills which made use of the water power of nearby lakes.   Visit the Harrisville page  Harrisville Weather  Harrisville News Hillsborough - in Hillsborough County, birthplace of President Franklin Pierce  Visit the Hillsborough page   Hillsborough Weather  Hillsborough News
Hinsdale - farming and industry, home of Hinsdale Raceway greyhound racetrack. Visit Hinsdale page   Hinsdale Weather   Hinsdale News Jaffrey - Known for  Mount Monadnock,.  Three lakes, vacation destination   Visit Jaffrey page   Jaffrey Weather  Jaffrey News
Keene - busy city with many events including Pumpkin Festival, thriving retail and industry.  Visit the Keene page.  Keene Weather    Keene News Lyndeborough - town in Hillsborough County.   Visit the Lyndeborough page  Lyndeborough Weather Lyndeborough News
Marlborough - a residential suburban community with many hills and great views of Mount Monadnock  Visit Marlborough page  Marlborough Weather  Marlborough News Marlow - originally named Addison - town is replete with wildlife and beautiful scenery. Visit the Marlow page.  Marlow Weather   Marlow News
Mason - town in Hillsborough County, home to Russell-Abbott State Forest   Visit the Mason page   Mason Weather   Mason News Milford - larger Hillsborough County community in  with retail and manufacturing .  Visit the Milford page   Milford Weather  Milford News
Nelson - small village in the western part of the Monadnock Region: swimming, boating, and fishing.  Visit Nelson page   Nelson Weather  Nelson News New Ipswich - includes villages of Bank, Davis, Gibson Four Corner, Highbridge, New Ipswich Center, Smithville, and Wilder.   Visit New Ipswich page   New Ipswich Weather New Ipswich News
Peterborough - known as "Our Town"  It's slogan is " A Good Town to Live In" home of the MacDowell Art Colony  Visit Peterborough page Peterborough Weather  Peterborough News  Richmond - rural residential community, home of Camp Takodah  Visit the Richmond page.  Richmond Weather  Richmond News
Rindge - Home of Cathedral of the Pines and Franklin Pierce College.   Visit the Rindge page    Rindge Weather   Rindge News Roxbury - smallest township in Cheshire County noted for Roxbury quarries & Otter Brook Dam  Visit Roxbury page  Roxbury Weather   Roxsbury News
Sharon - in Hillsborough County and home to Sharon Arts Center.  Visit Sharon page    Sharon Weather  Sharon News Stoddard - originally called Limerick for a short time and was home to 4 glass factories - picturesque.  Visit Stoddard page   Stoddard Weather     Stoddard News
Sullivan - named for a Revolutionary War General - home of first Civil War Monument in state   Visit Sullivan page  Sullivan Weather  Sullivan News Surry - noted for farmlands and Surry Mountain, Lily Pond, and Surry Mountain Dam.  Visit the Surry page  Surry Weather  Surry News
Swanzey - has 4 picturesque covered bridges, combination of residential and retail.  Visit Swanzey page  Swanzey Weather  Swanzey News Temple - small town in Hillsborough County - Temple Mountain forms the town's western boundary.  Visit the Temple page   Temple Weather   Temple News
Troy - small township with New England character and great views of Mount Monadnock.  Visit the Troy page.  Troy Weather   Troy News Walpole - charming village, with historic architecture, includes Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville.   Visit the Walpole page  Walpole  Weather Walpole News
Westmoreland - agricultural community overlooking the Connecticut river.  Visit the Westmoreland page  Westmoreland Weather   Westmoreland News Wilton - known for water-powered textile mills, rural community with manufacturing  Visit the Wilton page  Wilton Weather   Wilton News
Winchester - located in the southwest corner of New Hampshire. known for Pisgah Park of over 13,000 acres.  Visit the Winchester page   Winchester Weather   Winchester News Windsor - small community of 200 people next to Hillsborough  Visit the Windsor page   Windsor Weather  Windsor News
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Keene New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival







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